In my world, coaching is about getting to know yourself…with abandon.  It’s about what matters most to you…really.  It’s about how you move through life and what you experience.  By getting to know yourself well from the inside out, you have the opportunity to move in original, new ways and directions and to bring forth the fullest expression of you…which you CAN DO when there is a well-trained life coach supporting your forward movement.

Coaching with couples is one of my passions.  Having failed in two marriages of 13 years each, I know how difficult it is to be happily joined in marriage long term.  It takes a lot of awareness not to get in your own way!  Increasing your awareness by enlisting a coach for a few sessions is time and money well spent in support of the life you imagine.  I offer a special discounted rate ($75/hour) to couples for the first few years of marriage… when I believe it can make the biggest return on investment.

Coaching is about choosing to be courageous…courageous enough to design your life around what matters most to you. It is a radical choice to give yourself permission to define success and fulfillment according to your unique values and dreams and then live into them.

Your reality is a reflection of your inner world.
Are you satisfied with the reality you are
creating?  If you are not, and if you DARE to
imagine the possibility of something else,
Coaching for Life can be for you a source of
inspiration, exploration, accountability, insight
and encouragement…  as you move more fully
into your future story.

Coaching is an investment in your future.  It is not a quick fix and it is not counseling.  It is about creating freedom, feeling resonance, and showing up in satisfying ways.

Developing a new reality takes time, attention, and a Coach that is a good fit for you.  I partner with clients from several months to several years depending on their coaching goals.

Please take advantage of the free consultation that I offer… meet me…try a short coaching and see what you think…  I am here for you.