Coaching with Individuals

If you are not enjoying life, it's very likely because you don't know how...

When we aren’t living consciously, everything has the potential to be a problem.  Chronic illness, unsatisfying relationships, emotional and energetic imbalance or lethargy tend to be eventual outcomes.

When we live consciously, everything becomes an ally … providing opportunities for health and well-being, vitality, emotional vibrance, the lens of humor and connection, burgeoning abundance, and meaningful experiences.

How profound and exuberant is your experience of life?

Coaching can:

  • release our compulsive patterns
  • help us find our “hidden” wisdom
  • set us on a new path
  • provide focus and support

It is a highly specialized approach to evoking vitality and joy.

I use the Enneagram personality model to increase understanding and to find the pitfalls and possibilities.

When you are ready to step out of the box you have created for yourself, coaching can be a fun and effective way to discover what is available to you. Coaching helps you look in the right places for what you want. Coaching can also be used to hit the “reset” button each week for those who find it is easy to veer off course.

My commitment is to build a transformative relationship that allows you to experience yourself and life in a new, more-loving-than-ever-before, resilient way.

Sessions are weekly, confidential, 30 minutes, either by phone or video call.  $200/month. (The first session is an hour… $100). Also available for in person hourly sessions ($125/hour) at my office.

I keep my fees low so more people can afford coaching and benefit from a relationship with me.

Coaching is not yet covered by insurance. It is a relatively new field. I think of it as a specialized approach to the education we never received. Please take advantage of the free consultation I offer. Meet me, try a short coaching, and see what you think.

If you appreciate what I do and you can afford it, you might consider sponsoring someone who can’t afford the fee. I coach under served (sponsored) clients for $100/month for weekly sessions.


"If we do not change
direction, we are
likely to end up exactly
where we are headed."
~Chinese proverb

Coaching is an investment in your future. It is not a quick fix. And it is not counseling.  It is about creating freedom, feeling resonance, and showing up in satisfying ways.  Developing a new reality takes time and attention. I partner with clients from several months to several years, depending on their preference and coaching goals.

I am interested in coaching anyone who wants to live more consciously.
It is time to transform our world ~ and that begins with us.

If you can imagine taking yourself seriously and at the same time not-at-all-seriously, then I want to coach you.

You have an amazing future waiting for you!

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