About Me

I coach because it’s fun.  I enjoy seeing my clients create their new paths and come alive.

I coach because it works and because I want people to experience their resonance, resilience, and brilliance.  I want people to be fully expressed and to have fun bringing forth their contributions. I want people to realize life doesn’t have to be hard.  I know these possibilities are viable.

I coach because we have a limited amount of time to live.  For many of us, our “someday” is now.  It is time to raise our level of consciousness and to live from the values we hold most dear.

I coach because the world needs us to show up fully and deliver our gifts.

I coach because I enjoy the coaching relationship …  the exploring, the surprises, the learning, the honest communication, the playfulness, the designing, the possibilities, the movement toward goals and the celebrations.

I have extensive training, experience and advanced studies in coaching, human development, leadership, design, wisdom traditions, consciousness, and transformational change.  I practice meditation, mindfulness, intuition, yoga, playfulness, trust, energy movement, and compassion.  I have traveled extensively in Europe and India and I appreciate the diversity in people and cultures.

I am also a wedding officiant.  Click here to read about my officiant services.

My Credentials and Affiliations:
Wedding Officiant – Licensed in Wisconsin and Minnesota
CPCC (Certification) through Coaches Training Institute, San Rafael, CA
Master of Arts in Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA
Bachelor of Science, University of Texas at Austin
Member, International Coaches Federation
Member, Institute of Noetic Sciences


Thank you for helping me find meaningful purpose in my work…it is truly refreshing to spend time with you.  ~RL, Stillwater, MN

You are a conduit of light. ~JP, Arlington, VA

WOW!! I am just in awe.  Talk about a Life Coach modeling life!  ~TM, Bloomington, MN

Kjersti has been my life, career and leadership coach for three years and we have developed a powerful partnership.  She is fascinated with my potential and fully committed to holding me accountable to live into my dreams.  She challenges me to be conscious about my choices and about the things in my life that matter most to me.  ~AK, St Paul, MN