About me

This website and my work is built with gratitude for those who have gone before us preparing the way for us (humanity) to become more conscious and compassionate and meditative. I am particularly grateful to Eckhart Tolle for his wisdom, Sadhguru for he brings to the world, Marilyn Ferguson for instilling hope, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin for his foresight, Pema Chodrin for teaching me about fear, those Poets who wrote about that which is transcendent…and to all the Transcenders (the early “scouts of humanity” who far exceeded the traditional criteria for psychological health, whose lives were frequented by peak experiences). I am also deeply grateful for the treasure of experiencing other cultures through travel and friendship.

As a certified life coach, it has been almost 2 decades since I began working with individuals in Stillwater, MN. Much has happened since then. I have changed a lot personally, my daughters have grown up, and my coaching has evolved.

My certifications are through CPCC (Co-Active Training Institute, San Rafael, CA), and Coaching with the Enneagram through The Enneagram in Business. I earned a MA from Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadina, CA., and a BS from University of Texas, Austin.

I am a life-long learner and a spiritual* person

For those who are interested, here are a few ways I enjoy spending my life: hanging with family, being in nature, ballroom and tap dancing, playing pickleball, reading and writing, eating mindfully, being with clients, relaxing at home, meditating early in the morning, contributing what I can wherever I can, and doing all the little things that I do each day.

In 2010, I added a 2nd business (as a wedding officiant) and moved my office to Grand Ave in St Paul. Whether I am calling forth an individual’s wisdom in a coaching session or evoking meaningful thoughts in a venue full of wedding guests, life is full of synchronicities and fun and I am grateful for the experiences.

* SPIRITUALITY is developed through direct experience of that which is beyond words.
It nourishes us at a deep level and is essential to well-being.


Do you believe that you could take your life seriously enough to make a difference as our little planet hurls through space while at the same time being a little piece of blissful life?

If so, then I am the coach for you… because I believe it and see it and experience it.
Come join in the transformation of humanity!(There are no passengers on planet earth. We must all contribute what we can.) My wish is that you make space for something wonder-full to happen in your life that you perhaps haven’t even dreamed of!


"There are those who dream the dream that others declare futile.There are those who dream the hour which is not yet on earth ...And then it comes."


Thank you so much for being my coach these past several months! Your gentle and authentic guidance has meant so much to me. You have been a huge part of my growth as a person and coach.  ~ A.H.

You are the total package! You are kind, caring and encouraging, and I have learned so much through our coaching. My life is so much better because of you. Thank you for your support!  ~ K.D.

I am on an amazing path of discovery and consistently allowing old patterns to release and create space for new life ~ fulfilling and financially supportive. I appreciate your coaching, role modeling and encouragement. It has been invaluable. Thank you!  ~ K.W.

I want you to know how much gratitude I have for you. Your kindness is heartfelt and I appreciate every way you have helped me personally and professionally.  You are one of a kind.  ~ L.F.

I am so grateful for the support and accountability you bring to my life. It’s so great to have someone I can always count on to have my best interest at heart.  ~ C.D.

Thank you for helping me find meaningful purpose in my work. It is truly refreshing to spend time with you.  ~ R.L.

You are a conduit of light.  ~ J.P.

Wow! I am just in awe. Talk about a life coach modeling life.  ~ T.M.

Thank you for challenging me to be conscious about my choices and about the things in life that matter most to me.  ~ A.K.

Come join in the transformation of humanity beginning with your own life.

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