People come to coaching with questions, perspectives and personal life patterns that get in their way. People come with the hope of finding “something more,”with goals and dreams they have been unable to realize, with pain and frustrations and low levels of energy.

What they receive is an opportunity to retrieve buried elements of themselves, to expand their awareness, to identify what truly matters to them, to develop 21st century regenerative life practices that will move them toward their goals, and to be supported and encouraged while they move into their new life story.

I stand for the possibility of evolving into a new kind of humanity that is awake and compassionate and experiences the connection of all that is! We are beginning to wake up to our cultural conditioning …. the prison of conformity.


I'm Kjersti


Questioning hidden assumptions and noticing contradictions and behavior patterns are the first steps in breaking old paradigms. That is where my work comes into play. I help individuals and couples examine how they are living and get them on a path where their vitality can flow effortlessly.

My clients tend to be:

  • Professional women who are tired of the way life feels
  • Couples who are not as happy as they would like to be
  • Couples looking at the possibility of marriage or preparing to be married
  • Anyone who wants health and well-being or is inspired to live more consciously
  • Anyone who values personal mastery

"I know of no more
encouraging fact than
the unquestionable ability to
elevate one’s life by
conscious endeavor."

Henry David Thoreau

If you are tired of feeling the way you do. If you are feeling stuck, repeating old patterns of behavior, if you are in the midst of a life transition or you see the need for one, if you are facing a life threatening illness or you’re feeling overwhelmed, if you need help connecting with your passion or confidence, if you know it is time to go after your dreams or you simply want a creative partner with whom to make sense of life, coaching will serve you well.

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