Coaching with Couples

Marriage is challenging no matter how much you and your partner love each other.

Understanding and conscious choices can take the bite out of difficult situations and learning to be in love with life keeps you from resisting change and reacting poorly to negative experiences.


Information is deceptive even if it is factual because we filter it through our past experiences, current perspectives and stories.That is why it is so important to recognize and be aware of our behavior and thought patterns.  Without awareness, we are caught in compulsive behaviors and the ego’s reactivity.

 “Man (mankind) is the architect of his destiny… by changing the inner attitude of one’s mind,can change the outer aspects of one’s life.”

~William James

Coaching can be for you a source of inspiration, exploration, accountability,insight, and encouragement as you move more fully into your future story.

I use the Enneagram personality model with couples to raise awareness around their patterns of living and find a path forward that unlocks their potential.

When you learn to make conscious choices, you naturally create health and well-being, resilience and joy.

Our coaching relationship is the key to keeping you motivated and on a path that works. How quickly it happens depends on you.

My commitment is to build a transformative relationship that allows you to experience yourself and life in a new, more-loving, resilient way.


“Conventional knowledge
is death to our souls.
We must become ignorant of
what we’ve been taught,
And be instead bewildered…
Run from what’s profitable and
If you drink those liqueurs,
you’ll spill the spring water of
your real life.
Forget safety.
Live where you fear to live…”

~ Rumi

Feeling the Shoulder of the Lion

I am pleased to serve clients both near and far away!
$300/month every other week in-person 60 minute sessions at my office.
$250/month - Virtual 60- minute sessions (every other week)

Human beings can change their patterns. It takes time and focused attention.
Are you ready to invest in your relationship?

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